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Pickling, Rust Removal and Zinc Phosphate


We frequently pickle new and old steel pipes, vessels and components for our engineering clientele.

The process involved in pickling is threefold:
•    First of all, the items are given a hot caustic soak and water-blast to remove all traces of grease, oil and other contaminants. 
•    Next, they are immersion pickled to remove mill scale and corrosion, leaving a clean white-steel substrate. 
•    And finally, a hot phosphate treatment is undertaken to condition the surface and prevent corrosion.
We are able to accommodate pipes and componentry up to 6 metres in length, which is within the range of most customers’ requirements. 

Steel pipework

Steel pipes 

Steel tanks received for stripping and pickling 

Steel Vessel

Rust Removal

Powerstrip Industries’ method of rust removal involves immersion of steelwork in our acid bath.

The processing time is dependent on the amount of corrosion present on the article.

We prefer to use a 100% inhibited phosphoric acid base to pickle away all corrosion whilst leaving the clean steel untouched.

This method can take slightly longer than others but has payback from a safety point of view in that all un-corroded metal remains unaffected by the pickling process.

Acid dipping treatment is followed by a hot water-blast to remove all traces of the acid medium


Rust presenting on a steel panel 

Flaking corrosion on a steel body

A badly rust-pitted machine part

A rusting bolt

Corrosion on a steel muffler 

White zinc corrosion on an aluminium security door

Before and After

Corrosion on a steel panel 

A like panel post-treatment - with rust removed and inhibited

A badly corroded steel wheel rim 

The same wheel rim after acid treatment

Zinc Phosphating

Phosphating deposits a chemically-bonded surface on steelwork to prevent flash rusting and to provide an appropriate pre-treatment for primer application, without any further preparation (such as sanding or blasting).

This should not be taken as a substitute for a proper protective coating system but as a preparation for such.


Powerstrip’s phosphate bath is heated which assists with the quick drying of steel items when they are removed from the bath.


Steel cabinet after zinc phosphating 

Steel panel after zinc phosphating

Steel fencing after zinc phosphating 

Steel car panel after zinc phosphating 

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